ICERP event is an important event of the Indian composites industry organized by FRP Institute once in two years and ICERP event is the biggest event on Composites in India and second largest event in Asia. ICERP 2015 is the 7th in the series being organized by FRP Institute since 2002.

The focus of the ICERP 2015 will be upgradation of composites technology in India to reach global level in terms of product quality, finishing and also to address the challenges that have to be met to achieve global standards.

The selection of Hyderabad as a venue for the event is of significant importance as lot of advanced composites product endusers especially the defence organizations such as Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Defence Research and Development Laboratory ( DRDL), Advanced Systems laboratory (ASL) are located at Hyderabad. There will be an opportunity to take composites technology in India to next level through interaction and collaboration with these leading institutions.

ICERP 2015 Exhibition:
The event will be an ideal platform for Indian companies to showcase their capabilities to global composites fraternity and it will give an opportunity for international players to explore new business opportunities in India. Exhibition will provide opportunities for visitors to source their requirement of composites raw materials, composites products, process machinery, accessories, additives and specialty chemicals, etc.

ICERP 2015 Conference Programme:
The conference will focus on the latest developments on mechanization, automation and innovation to meet growing challenges of end user requirements. It will also provide update on composites in terms of raw materials, process developments, machinery, new applications, case studies, etc.

CERP 2015 Business Meetings:
There will be a special technological business meet that will focus on technological tie ups with global leaders for upgradation of technology and for business growth and to compete on global level. There will be an End user forum to deliberate as how composites can be a competitive material in terms of performance as materials of choice compared to conventional materials like steel, aluminum, wood etc. Another focus area will be increasing the market volume for composites in India across sectors and to explore the sectors which were not tapped properly.

ICERP—JEC Innovation Award Programme:
To promote and encourage innovations on composites carried out in India, FRP institute in association with JEC Composites, France started an innovation award programme called ICERP-JEC innovation award programme and innovation awards are being presented during ICERP events since ICERP 2008. This innovation award programme gives Indian composites professionals and companies to create value to their customers and also brings recognition, not only in India but also internationally.

ICERP 2015 Product Display:
There will be a display of selected composites products and innovative products developed in India. This product showcase will give an opportunity for the end users to learn the latest trends in the composites products being developed in India.

ICERP 2015 Process Demonstrations:
There will be demonstrations on composites processes and this will be an attractive feature for the visitors and delegates. This will give an apportunity for End users and young entrepreneurs to learn latest developments on composites processes and update their knowledge.