About Conference

ICERP 2023 Conference (Technical and Business) : The ICERP 2023 conference programme is divided into two categories : one is Technical conference and the other is Business Conference

ICERP 2023 Technical conference will focus on the latest developments on composites and presentations will be given by the leading global and Indian composites experts. These are mainly invited paper presentations. The Technical conference will provide update on composites in terms of raw materials, process developments, machinery, case studies etc. Company brand promotions are highly restricted in the Technical Conference Presentations.

ICERP 2023 Business Conference : The aim of this programme is to create a platform for the Industry to give an update on their new developments/ innovations and other advancements to their customers as well as to the prospective customers and end users. The Business conference covers Techno-Commercial presentations and companies are allowed to showcase, promote their brands/ products/ services to the participants. The business conference will also focus on technology tie ups with global leaders for up-gradation of technology and for business growth. It will also explore new business opportunities in the market sectors which are not tapped in India.

ICERP 2023 Product Display and Process demonstrations: There will be a display of selected composites products and innovative products developed in India and also there will be live process demonstrations some of the Composites Manufacturing Processes. These products showcase and process demonstrations will give an opportunity for the end users to learn the latest developments in the composites products.